NVram Fix Wifi In Mtk Devices


there is definitely majority of most of phone are Android Operating System. Android hase been choice of many users because it has great function with awesome customization. Device come with when you buy is fully unmodified system. and it has official version of your android Sytem installed.

How to fix Nvram error in Android

You will get bored with stock themes , apps, wallpaper etc. you go for modifications like you intend to install custom rom for your devices and you can install successfully but sometimes the error occurred and you will get bugs in MTK Devices. The miner problem is Nvram error in wifi.

This article is for those who are getting this problem after flasing custom roms. And fixing the bugs will be challenging things for you. Youmind will give birth to a question about how to fix nvram error in mtk devices. ? Mtk devices are those devices which chipset are like mt6735, mt6392, mt6764 etc and those mtk devices are based on china manufacturing, most of mtk devices are from china. Like huawei , lava , lenovo etc are the phone which are based on mtk device. You can download cpu-z from play store to know about which chipset you have and know about other hardware and sofware of your devices. And we are talking about nvram error which comes after we flash custom rom like cynogenmod, lineage viperos etc in your device. It is not a big issue for us to solve and for this we dont need pc. We can solve it via mobile using nay browser which can access root folder of your device. For this im using Es file Manager. If you are facing same problem then lets come on solve it.

Follow the instructions below...
Steps 1---

Note : Downlaod following wififix.zip file which zip have two file "WIFI" and "WIFI_CUSTOM".

Download link :

Steps 2---

After download extract it to any folder from where you can access it easily. Use Es file Manager for easy moving , editing, setting permissions.

Steps 3---

Your device must be rooted to check your devices rooted or not you can download root checker apps from Google Play Store

Steps 4---

Download Es File Manager form this link.

Steps 5---

Open it and do as screenshots. Goto option and choose root explorer.

Steps 6---

Now give root access

Steps 7---

Goto device》data》nvram》APCFG》APRDEB
And delete wifi and wifi_custom file from there see screenshot below.

Steps 8---

Come back to wififix.rar file where you were extracted the files. Now move NEW extacted files from wififix.zip to same folder where you were deleted old files wifi and wifi_custom.See screenshot:- Move this

To data》nvram》APCFG&》APRDEB

Steps 9---

And set permission as screenshot.

Steps 10---

After that you must exit from es file manager and restart your device.

You are done. see the magic your nvram error will be gone. Ain't this easy to solve the Navram Problen in your Android Mtk Device. Hope you fully understand the every steps. If you follow and do the same as above instructions, You will be out of problem. If there is problem with this article or you couldn't understand you can leave comments, If it is really helpful to you then don't forget to leave your views in comment box.