How to convert video format or into mp3 in Android

Let's have a look on the tutorial to convert your video formats or convert your any video files into .MP3, MP4 or any other formats. changing your video files to any MP3format is easy and quick.

Are you tired downloading videos and mp3 files separately? and looking for the idea ti convert your video files into MP3 and save the data? then you are at the exact right place, in this post i explain about the unique method to convert your video files into any format of mp3.

This method is totally offline and you don't need to visit any ads full site for this, wasting time let's get started the tutorial.

# Convert video files into any mp3 format

I already explained that this is the method that work totally offline, you need an app to do this awesome task. excited ? Look down how it works.

Step 1 : First of all, you need an app to download and install it in your android phone, You can download the app from the link here.

Step 2 : After that open your just installed app right in your mobile and skip all the tutorial within an app.

Step 3 : After that choose you video to convert you can choose any if your video to convert, so choose your video and click on any one video.

Step 4 : After that you need to click the music icon to get started to convert click on the icon.

Step 5 : Now, you will see an option to convert the options in various formats. choose any of them to convert, i recommend you to choose .mp3 or m4a because it's fast to convert. press on any format it's upto you.

Step 6 : After just few seconds your video will successfully converted to the your desired format. And you can play your video on your music player app.

Step 7 : You can get it from the internal folder of your phone, open files manager and goto DCIM》ANDROIDVID 》AUDIO. This is easy and simple how to convert your videos files into any mp3 format, you can do it with your android phone.

# Convert the video formats

You can also change the video formats to .mp4 to any video formats like 3gp, mp4a, mkv, flv etc with just single click. you csn do it with the same app. how to convert it check down.

Step 1 : Open your downloaded app, and choose videos as you did before converting into mp3.

Step 2 : Now, you click on the convert and you will see many options to convert your video formats, then choose any of one format and convert.

Step 3 : After you click on the convert it will convert your video into desired format. and you can access it in the video folder of your android internal memory. DCIM》ANDROIDVID 》VIDEO.

That's all. This is all about how you can convert your desired video files into desired format video to video or video to mp3. This is the best way all of methods available in the internet. Share it with your friends.