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How to keep your messages secure in Android

Lock your all SMS and be secured. You can lock all the SMS or Hide your personal Message in your android phone. If you want to be secure and want to keep yourself secret than learn here how to lock or hide your message in your android phone.

You must have sent or received the personal messages and are you worried about how to secure them all. you can hide or lock your all messages in your android phone. It's basic that you surely do send and receive the messages in daily basics and if you want to keep your privacy secret then it's precious to lock or hide for stay secure.
The some Android SMS locker App will prevent you from being unsecured by others. This will keep your privacy secret and won't let others to view your sms. These following APPS will help you lock or hide your messages in your android phone and stay secure.

How to lock or hide your sms in your android phone ?

Of course, You can lock or hide your all messages at once right in your android phone. These following Apps will give you incredible features, Have a look and check how to lock or hide sms in your android phone.

1. Message Lock (SMS LOCK) :SMS Lock is a light tool to protect your personal short messages (SMS & MMS). The cute lock is designed upon Android system level, to provide fully privacy protection to your short message box (Messaging). After enabling SMS Lock, there will be lock pattern protection when opening short message apps.
sms lockerMessage Locker

2. SMS LOCK - MESSAGE LOCKER :This SMS Locker app is android best secure app to prevent your sms or mms in a place. It will save or secure your all messages if your friend borrow your mobile play games or in any other conditions. It also works form messaging App such as Gmail, Email, Facebook, Skype and more. It will keep your secure and prevent your privacy from curiosity of other people.
message lockerMessage Locker

3. SMS ,PICS,OTHER LOCK :This app is specifically designed to hide or lock your all messages and other files such as video, pics and music etc. Many people are enjoying the App because it will lock your Calls Logs and contact as well as. If you turn it on be confident it will secure from revealing your privacy.
message lockerMessage Locker

4. PRIVATE MESSAGE BOX :This unique App will hide your incoming SMS. This app will stored all your messages within app and won't let open by anyone until you approve it. With the unique Pin code it will hide or lock your sms , contact and many more. This app also automatically hide your incoming messages in future.
message lockerMessage Locker


5. SMS LOCK - Message Locker :Another best SMS lock app is SMS LOCKER -Chat lock/App lock/ Theme lock will prevent your privacy, It will lock or hide your message with secure PIN Number. You can set the pin or pattern lock which will lock your message from anyone whoever browse your mobile.
message lockerMessage Locker


Here, You knew about the Android best SMS LOCKER and How to lock or hide your messages in your android phone. One of any app mentioned above will give you great protection for you to save yourself from being revealed by curious peoples. It prevents your all messages and hide them from the people who want to hunt you. Check the Apps and stay secure.

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