Top fast and lightweight browsers for Android


If you like to browse the some websites you need a broswer. At many propose you need the broswer in your Android smartphone such as Download, Browse the website etc. Most of android smartphone comes with built-in broswer which is less usable according to the features.

Android top 5 fast browsers

Android is the best smartphone that more than billions of user around the owned the Android smartphones. There are many proposal to own android smartphone. Chatting, Calling, texting, play music and video are the basic task but though if there you need to broswe or download some stuffs then a browser is necessary.
Well, in the comparison of stock browser there are bunch of best android 3rd party browser that you can improve your performance with. besides, Chrome, Uc, Firefox etc there are plenty of browsers that are mostly light, clean and fast. So, I have listed top 5 browser which are best in terms of performance.

Android top 5 best fast browsers

Installing such the lite browser in your android smartphone also increases the performance of your android. You can change the taste of your browser experience installing the lite browser that i listed down. Have a look the featurs of lite browser and the list of top 5 browser.
  • Fast Loading
  • Fast Startup
  • Less in Size
  • Less RAM usage
  • User Agent
  • Less Storage usage
  • Powerful Ads blocker

1. X broswer

X Browser Fast

X-browser is the one of the best secure browser for Android phone. X broswer is really less in size less than 1MB. It offer more comprehensive and powerful browsing experience. X browser is really lightweight android mini web browser which is powerful browser tool for android. The browser has great powerful ad blocking funtion as well as you can save the any web oage to read in offline mode without internet.
Download Link :
Download X browser for android

2. Via browser

Via Browser Fast

Via browser is another data saving mini web browser for your android smartphone. It will consumes your RAM very less because it is very tiny in size. It has almost all the huge advanced features and functional tools. You can block ads in web page. The tiny apk. help save the memory of android device. Mini size also help android device smooth than ever. Enjoy your smooth web browse time. This fast include the speed of open app and exit. Also include the fast speed of browse webs. Give your android phone fast-moving speed . Enjoy your fast web browse.
Download Link :
Download Via browser for android

3. Du browser small and fast

Du Mini Browser Fast

Du browser is another lite we browser for android smartphones. Du browser Mini gives you easy and fast access to everything you’re looking for online, with a smaller download size (only 1.2MB). Du browser is functional powerful tool for Searching, browsing, downloading or playing videos . you can do it all in with DU Browser Mini right installing in your android smartphone. Du browser offer you the best light, high speed performance to your broswesing experience.

Download Link:
Download Du browser for your android

4. Trim browser

Trim Web Browser Fast

Trim browser is another data saving browser app with powerful fast browsing performance. You can browse privately without saving your history in private mode. It has included Google, DuckDuckGo, StartPage, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. It is also supportive sd blocker browser. Sharing, Font adjustment, Low battry, Multiply tabs , Full screen etc features you will get in trim browser.
Download Link :
Download Trim browser for your android
5. Fast mini browser

Fast Mini Browser Fast

Fast mini browser is yet another best web browser for your android phone. It is ultra fast browser for downloads, browse and playing videos. You can enter into incognito mode safely to browse without any history. It has such an elegant design with beautiful theme . It is ultra fast as well as it is very secure, reliable and privacy protected browser for your android phone. With browsing with this fast mini browser you will feel the totally new experience.

These above are the browser for speed up your android phone. These all are fast lightweight and tiny in size that imprive your browse experience. Besides, Chrome ,Uc, Firefix, Etc these all are mini web browser that effectively increase your browser performance.

So, I doesn't mean other browsers are not good, But Chrome , Uc take little bit time to load because of it's size and RAM consumption. To lighten up your browse experience i have listed top 5 Lite, Fast, Smaooth and Powerful Ads blocker broswer . You can install anyone and replace your other browsers and You can just take your browser experience to next height. Leave your comments down, If anything you have on your mind.