How to record your Windows 10 screen for free offline 2021

Have you ever tried that you can record your windows 10 screen for free without any apps. Are you looking for the screen record in windows 10 pc, Here is essential method to how you can do screen record in your windows 10 pc without any Software with the help of game bar. You can record any screen of your program in your windows 10 without any software. Of course, this might be the lucky to have a windows 10 which supports build in screen record features.

In your windows 10 you can use built in screen record features to record your computer screen with help of Game Bar. It might really notable way to save your screen as a video. If you are willing to share something moody stuffs with your pals then you can make a tutorial video with this features and share with anyone. As well as with this outstanding way you can capture any screen and save as screenshot.

Have a look on the post below how to initiate the process in easy way. If are running windows 10 then just do as the following steps.

How to do screen record in windows 10 without any software?

This the features of windows 10, You no need to install any software or any application to do it. Just little effor is enough to start.

# STEP 1 : Open the program where you want to do a screen record. You can start from any where. just you need to press the button as shown in the box.

+ G Press these two button together.

# STEP 2 : Pressing these two buttons will open your game bar. Where you will find the option to record your screen or take screenshot of your screen and go with your own needs.

# STEP 3 : Now do something what you want do the record the game bar record menu will pop-up in the somewhere in the screen and your screen will be recorded with the help of game bar.
screen record in windows 10 without any software
screen record in windows

# STEP 4 : Click on the stop button to stop your recording if you have done. That's it.

screen record in windows 10 without any software
screen record in windows

Note : You recorded video or captured screen shots will in the folder.
My Computer >> Video >> Captures.

You can view and play your recorded video in any video player app as regular you do. You can do and change the settings in the game bar as your needs, You can head over the setting page of game bar and make changes as you want.

Well, This is tutorial based on game bar that how to do the screen record in windows 10 without any software with the help of game bar features in your computer so, This might not be the great tutorial for those who knows this but this might some great outstanding tutorial for those who don't know, Hoped this helped you. Leave something if you have to write on it in the comment box below.